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Avoid being a Noisy Neighbour!

Am I a noisy neighbour?

Many people can be a nuisance noisy neighbour without even realising it. To avoid getting on the wrong side of your neighbours you should always try and keep noise levels to an acceptable level.

However, if you like practising musical instruments or crank the TV volume up when watching an episode of CSI, you might not realise when the noise you make is becoming unbearable for your neighbours.

Reduce impact noise

There are a few simple things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a noisy neighbour.

If you can tolerate using headphones, wear them. This is the simplest way to prevent noise from your TV or speakers affecting your neighbours.

If the noise you are making is coming from something like a drum kit then you’ll have to use some other tactics to minimise the noise nuisance. Rest your drum kit on some rubber flooring or a piece of thick carpet. This will minimise the amount of noise that can travel through your flooring and into your neighbours’ homes.

If you can’t reduce the level of noise you make, you need to be considerate about when you make it. After 10pm most people will be trying to get some sleep during the week. If this fails, contact JCW who have a range of soundproof and sound absorbent products perfect for this situation.


Noisy neighbour


Received a Noise Complaint Lately?

Nobody likes to receive a noise complaint. For many it’s embarrassing to think that you’ve been causing a nuisance to your neighbours. If you are at the point where a formal complaint has been made about you, then you need to get the noise situation under control fast.

The noise complaint you’ve received should contain information about the noise you’re making that’s causing problems for your neighbours. If the noise complaint refers to noise from a TV, a stereo or they can just hear you walking around (creating impact noise) then soundproofing products can fix this.

We have a range of products designed to drastically reduce the amount of noise that can escape from your home and disturb your neighbours.

From wall soundproofing to floor soundproofing we can soundproof everything from a single room to an entire home.

Once you’ve isolated the type of noise that’s disturbing your neighbours and where it’s coming from we can begin to make arrangements to soundproof your room.