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Soundproof Fencing For Commercial Applications

Professional Soundproof Fencing

We supply and install professional soundproof fencing for many types of commercial applications.  Our products can be found across the country at a number of institutions that require a high-quality soundproof product, installed to the highest specifications.

We have recently worked with Tesco to install a soundproof barrier around the car wash, Alton Towers to help reduce noise from the CBeebies land, and other projects such as industrial complexes that were receiving noise complaints from nearby residents and many more. Our fencing can be used for enclosures around noisy equipment, alongside roads or railways, around hotels and conference halls and many other applications.

Housing developments that run alongside busy roads are where we do a lot of fencing installations to help reduce the noise of the road from the local residents.

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    Absorbent Enclosures

    The JCW range of acoustic absorbent enclosures are perfect for reducing the noise of generators, air compressors and basically any application that produces lots of noise. Our product material can improve noice transmission, reverberation as well as allowing adequate ventilation. The following pictures are from a recent project with Hills Contractors / Evoenergy.

    Acoustic Enclosures

    The images underneath are of a job we did in Cornwall supplying and installing the JCW reflective soundscreen to  Carloggas Solar Power Farm to reduce the noise impact in the surrounding area.

    Reflective Soundscreen

    Constructed to meet the highest performance and durability standards the JCW Reflective Sound Screen is ideal for most residential and commercial applications.
    Typical applications were the reflective soundscreen provides a great sound barrier are: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Sports venues, Animal shelters, Dog kennels, Schools & Academies, Public Houses & Construction sites.
    Get in touch with us to enquire about the JCW reflective soundscreens, or follow the link to find more information.

    Traffic Soundscreens

    These high performance acoustic fencing, gates and sound barrier products provide effective control of sound and traffic noise pollution in the outside environment.
    Suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications, the timber products are pressure treated to provide lasting protection above and below ground from wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

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