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Enjoy the Peace and Tranquillity of Your Garden

With summer already here many of us are relishing the prospect of spending quality, relaxing time in our gardens, enjoying the peace and quiet and perhaps even the occasional barbeque. But for many people relaxing in their gardens isn’t quite so easy, because if you live in a busy area where you are continually disturbed by traffic noise from a busy road, or perhaps you are routinely subject to the noise from a local school or sportsground, peace and tranquillity in your garden may be nothing more than a distant dream. However help is at hand and JCW Acoustic Supplies have just the thing!

JCW Acoustic Supplies is the UK’s leading specialist in soundproofing and sound absorption solutions and offers a comprehensive range of acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates to help you reduce unwanted noise pollution, helping you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your garden once more.

The JCW Acoustic Supplies range of acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates is ideal for both residential and commercial applications and combines high performance with economy. Furthermore all JCW Acoustic Supplies products are manufactured to the most demanding acoustic and quality standards. JCW’s Acoustic fencing and sound barrier products such as: JCW Sound Barrier “V” Groove, JCW Reflective Sound Screen, JCW Sound Traffic Barrier and JCW Absorbent Sound Screen all deliver excellent noise reduction figures and would be an attractive addition to any garden.

To compliment its range, JCW also offers JCW Sound Gates, giving you the option of a fully integrated acoustic barrier solution. Available with timber or galvanised steel frames and as single gates or in pairs, JCW Sound Gates are manufactured bespoke and offer the very best in noise reduction alongside an attractive, top quality finish.

Whilst JCW’s acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates can be handled by the experienced DIY enthusiast, anyone who prefers the services of a qualified and experienced installer can choose to use JCW’s competitive installation service. And as you would expect from a leading company, JCW also offer a fast and efficient UK wide delivery service and expert technical back up from their dedicated acoustics team.

So why not take the first step towards a peaceful and relaxing garden and call JCW Acoustic Supplies today on 01204 548400, or email them on They will be delighted to hear from you.