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JCW Group Launches New Corporate Identity

From January 1st 2013, all companies in the JCW Group will be sporting a fresh new corporate identity which looks set to make a big impact.

Using the JCW Group brand as a common linking device across all four trading divisions, the JCW Group now consists of four distinct companies, two which focus on contracting work and two which concentrate on supplies activity.

JCW Floor Screeding and JCW Acoustic Flooring are the contracting companies of the JCW Group, with JCW Acoustic Supplies and JCW Specialist Supplies operating as supplies companies.

JCW Acoustic Flooring is a new registered company which replaces John C Wilkins Acoustic Installations, previously run as part of the floor screeding division.

You can see straightaway that the long form “John C Wilkins” part of each company name is disappearing.

Dropping the personal family name helps focus attention on each company speciality and moves perceptions of the group upscale to accurately portray the image of a national operator and away from the feel of a “local” family firm.

Now the much shorter JCW name will appear before the title of the division which describes its main trading activity. So JCW Floor Screeding updates the more cumbersome John C Wilkins Floorscreeding and so on.

The updated family tree  graphically explains the relationship and what has changed.

The new logo designs use distinctive colour codes to identify each division. These graphics have been applied across all communications materials including signage to the head office building, stationery, email signatures, company vehicles, PPE equipment and websites.

A common email domain,, is being applied to all staff email signatures which now also show all other group member company logos, increasing awareness of all the services offered by JCW Group.

A new JCW Group website, has been launched to act as a gateway to each of the member group company websites which will retain their existing domain names.