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JCW Supply Time Improved

JCW’s Production line has now been moved to our Headquarters in Bolton, meaning not only can we offer better Quality Control and Improved availability on all JCW products but we now aim to produce any of our JCW products within 3-5 working days.

JCW is adopting an ‘if you want it – we can supply it’ approach to help ease the difficulty on sourcing acoustic supplies on a short deadline.

Lead time applies for;


Impactalay PLUS

Impacta 4551

Impacta Rubber

Deck 19

Deck 28

Deck 32

Deck 33

Deck 34

Deck 37

Deck 37C

Batten 50C

Batten 80C

Batten 80T

Raw Battens



Levelling Cradles + Packers

Isolation strip

To Enquire about any of our products, request a free quotation or a sample pack, call JCW Direct on 01204 548 400 or send an email to