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Mental Health Awareness

Moon Star Glitz & Glamour Ball

Acoustic Supplies has been raising money recently in aid of mental health, and helped to raise over £4,305 for the charity Mind. Well done to all involved in getting to this amazing total!

JCW Acoustic Supplies sponsored the Moonstar Glitz and Glamour ball where we had a tough night dancing and listening to tribute bands! A great night was had by all and there were one or two fuzzy heads in the morning!

People are becoming more and more aware of Mental Health and the issues that surround the topic. Removing the stigma around the subject is an important area and Acoustic Supplies are proud of our role in helping this along on the UK’s mental health awareness week (14th – 20th May).

Noise and noise pollution can play a big part in mental health, without the freedom of peace and quiet, intrusive noise can often be the biggest concern in peoples lives and has often been cited as a negative factor in a persons mental health.

Acoustic Supplies leads the way in the UK in providing soundproofing materials to help prevent noise pollution and noisy neighbours being a detrimental factor! Please take a look around our website at the different acoustic products that we can offer

Acoustic Supplies Firewalk

As part of our fund raising efforts for Mind, JCW Acoustic Supplies organised a Firewalk! Any brave participants had to walk across ten metres of hot coals bare foot. As you can see underneath in the videos, those who took part did brilliantly and helped raise a lot of money with their efforts. Well Done!