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Noise Action Week 2012

Noise Action Week is an annual initiative which aims to focus public attention on the problems of excessive noise. Everyone can take part, local housing authorities, mediation services, schools, youth groups and individuals, basically anyone who has ever been involved in issues surrounding excessive noise.

There are a number of themes that the organisers wish to address including:

Premises Noise

If you are a homeowner living in a university town you will know only too well how problematic student properties can be. Noise Action Week is a great opportunity to focus local debate around managing noise from student properties and improving community relations.

Neighbour Noise

Not all neighbours are considerate enough to keep the noise down which is why Noise Action Week aims to promote existing, or launch new, services aimed at encouraging neighbours to turn it down. Barking dogs, loud music, late night parties and beeping house alarms can cause a lot of problems, so get involved and work for change.


As more and more people are listening to music via headphones many people are at risk of doing permanent damage to their hearing. Noise Action Week aims to raise awareness of the risks involved with listening to loud music.

Due to the success of last year’s noise action week, a number of events have been planned throughout the UK by local communities to combat the impact that excessive noise has on neighbourhoods and individuals. Attending an event is a great way of getting involved in your local community and campaigning for change. However if you would like to do something in your own home soundproofing may be the answer. Noise insulation products including soundproof doors are a great way of creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere within your home.

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