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Reduce noise in your restaurant

Reduce noise in your restaurant

Noisy Restaurant2Poor acoustics can often be the reason diners do not return to a restaurant. For owners one primary goal should be to reduce noise in their establishment. In fact, acoustics can be so important that 1 in 5 diners would not return to a restaurant with poor acoustics and on the popular travel website ‘TripAdvisor’ and are over 2,500 negative restaurant reviews that talk of poor restaurant acoustics

The main problem is echo and this is caused by their hard surfaces which allow ‘noise’ to bounce around the room, excessive restaurant noise is undesirable. It has become clear that the noise and echo have a direct impact on customer.

Did you know?

1 in 5 diners would not return to a restaurant with poor acoustics


In a recent poll on 83% of diners said they would be put off by noise in a restaurant 

Noise can affect the taste of food!

In a recent study conducted by the food company Unilever and the University of Manchester wanted to find out whether background restaurant noise affected the diner’s perception of how it tasted.

They found that people rated food less salty and less sweet as noise levels increased. Conversely, when noise levels decreased, the perception of those tastes increased. The results indicate that noise has a somewhat masking effect on taste. “This one of the reasons why airplane food doesn’t taste very good. The deafening roar of the engines can make the food taste less sweet and less salty.”

The Lombard effect

The problem is once the restaurant begins to get busy, the more diners begin to chat, meaning diners will raise their voices in order to be heard above the room’s ambient noise level, this in turn increases the volume within the restaurant. This snowball effect is known scientifically as “The Lombard effect.”

The Lombard effect is the involuntary tendency of speakers to increase their vocal effort when speaking in loud noise to enhance the audibility of their voice. This change includes not only loudness but also other acoustic features such as pitch, rate, and duration of syllables.

How can we reduce noise?

At JCW we have several sound absorption products ideal for combatting reflected noise, including our easy to install Reflecta Sound decorative absorbent panels designed tailored to your design to create a quieter, more comfortable dining environment.

Our panels are:

Easy to Install – Put up easily in minutes no need to modify your building
 Effective –  Will reduce noise and absorb echo, enhancing your customers experience
Stylish – Our panels are decorative and are bespoke to your needs designed using any image to match your décor seamlessly

caffe caruso - absorbant panel Here is an example of how we improved dining experiences for customers at an Italian restaurant in Warrington

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