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School soundproofing in time for the summer holidays

School soundproofing, improve acoustics in sports halls and classrooms.

School’s almost out for summer – Why not improve the acoustic performance now?

Schools will soon be breaking up for the longest holiday of year, making the summer holidays the ideal time for installing sound absorption products which will improve the sound quality within the room by absorbing sound and reducing reverberation (echo). The best time to consider school soundproofing is now, whilst schools are empty. Products can now be installed and improving acoustic performance in time for the students return.

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school soundproofing

Marc Taylor, sound absorption expert explains “The summer holidays are an ideal time for absorption products to be installed. JCW spend much of the summer supplying sound absorption products to help improve staff and student communication. The JCW team aim to work with architects, contractors and consultants to provide the most effective product to come up with a solution that suits the consumer and their budget.”

Products typically supplied to these sound absorption projects include: JCW Reflecta Sound, Gym Panels and Techmel Foam and are the perfect solution for sound absorption issues in classrooms, public areas, gymnasiums and school halls.

We also have wall panelling available in the form of our JCW Reflecta Sound system which can be conveniently placed and creates a quieter and more comfortable environment. This can also be used in other environments such as cinemas, call centres and recording studios.

Brighton college soundproofing case study
Brighton college case study
walney school soundproofing case study
Walney school soundproofing case study

JCW also have a range of products suitable for soundproofing the home. These products are ideal for reducing noise caused by children who are trying to keep themselves entertained during the long break.

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