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Sound Absorbing Walls St Andrews School

St Andrew’s Noise reduction

JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd were delighted to help St Andrews School in making their school dining hall a pleasant place to sit again after suffering highly reverberant sound making it difficult to enjoy their lunch. JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd offered St Andrews advice on how to change this dining hall problem, by looking at the reverberation times and with a quick calculation and by following the BB93 guidelines were able provide the school with a quotation on installing 36m2 of absorption panels within the room. Utilising the ceilings and the walls due to the available space we had to work with we were able to reduce the ‘echo’ sound that the school were encountering.

Sound Absorbing Panels

As JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd can offer bespoke sizes of panels in different colours, we used different sizes of panels to suit the required amount of sound absorbtion needed. Our expert installation team had no problem fitting these in over a two day period.

How Our Sound Absorbing Solutions Help

Mr Alastair Law, Bursar for St Andrews wrote to JCW saying that the staff had said ‘ it’s lovely to be able to hear what the children are saying at lunchtime – before it was just noise. This was always the noisiest of the two dining rooms now it is the quietest’. Mr Law also commented that ‘the work was done on time and on budget and the installers were on time and left everything looking good’.