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Sound Deadening Products

JCW provide a wide range of sound deadening products designed to assist with deadening sound as part of a commercial or residential building project.

All our sound deadening products meet Part E of the revised building regulations and our team of acoustic consultants, engineers and installers can help you to find the right products for your requirements. Call us now on (0)1204 548 400, explore our full product range on the website or get in touch using the form below.
To find the right sound deadening products for your project, explore the following soundproofing product ranges:

Top Selling Sound Deadening Products

  • JCW ImpactaLay – JCW Impactalay acoustic matting for concrete floors to combat airborne and impact sound insulation.
  • JCW Silent Board – An acoustic wall system to drastically reduce sound transmission.
  • JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat – An acoustic matting system for walls, floors and ceilings that combats low frequency airborne noise.
  • JCW Silent Door Standard – A high performance acoustic timber door offering 35 dB sound reduction.
  • Acoustic Deck 34 – A resilient layer prebonded to a 22mm T & G cement particle board.

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