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Soundproofing a Wood floor Structure

We have introduced a brand new range of Acoustic Flooring for use in timber frame structures. 
Naturally, timber floor structures are low in mass, which makes them vulnerable to poor acoustic performance. For this reason, soundproofing a wood floor can be challenging to ensure acoustic compliance. JCW’s timber floor acoustic solutions add a high performance resilient layer when installed correctly, surpass the acoustic performance standards of Approved Document E of the building regulations in refurbishment and conversion projects.
Existing wood floor structures are often unknown construction details, making them characteristically difficult to achieve the stated acoustic values without addressing a number of areas. The mass of the floors can be improved by the introduction of additional plasterboard layers.
JCW’S timber floor acoustic solutions offer:

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Wide range of Robust detail and pre-completion test PCT solutions
  • BRE Lab tested data
  • Refurbishment and conversion projects

JCW are a ‘One stop shop’ for timber frame building construction solutions

Soundboard 28 plus

SoundBoard 28 Plus

With its cement particle based board layer that provides SoundBoard 28 Plus is a durable and hardwearing acoustic decking solution. JCW SoundBoard 28 plus has been designed for use as a floating overlay floor supported on decking.
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Batten JCW 80T floor soundproofing

Acoustic Battens – JCW80T

FFT-1 Resilient Composite Deep Batten System for wood floors comprising a timber batten laminated to an acoustic resilient layer.

deck 19 timber

Acoustic Deck 19 for Timber Floors

A slim line MDF based acoustic overlay board. A economical shallow platform floor system for use with PCT timber floor constructions. The 9mm tg4 MDF board is laminated to a 10mm acoustic resilient layer.

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Deck 33 T Floor soundproofing

Deck 33 for Timber floors

18mm P5 flooring grade t&g chipboard laminated to an acoustic resilient layer comprising acoustic foam and weight enhanced barrier mat. Premium acoustic overlay board for wood floors with excellent impact and great reduction in airborne noise.

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