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Soundproofing Floors Between Flats

Flats and Soundproofing

With Britain being an Island and the ever continuous need to build homes, space soon starts to become scarce.  The amount of greenbelt land is (and should be) protected so that rules out a lot of space to build on and the remaining space becomes more and more expensive to build affordable housing.  One of the ways around this is to build up!  Flats and apartments are more popular than ever as an affordable solution to the expanding population and the requirements for more housing.

There are many perceived drawbacks to living in a flat with one of them being next to, above and / or below other people, which can lead to an uncomfortable situation if intrusive noise levels interrupt your environment.  This is an understandable situation, as no-one would choose to live next to noisy neighbours, but fear not!  JCW Acoustic Supplies can provide products and solutions to help ensure a peacefull life in your flat.

Floor Soundproofing

There are tons of options when it comes to soundproofing a floor.  The type of soundproofing that would suit your requirements would depend on the type of floor that you have installed.  Two of our most popular acoustic flooring products are the acoustic decking for timber or concrete floors and the soundboard supreme.

Acoustic Deck 19 Floor Soundproofing

acoustic deck 19 floor soundproofingg

Soundboard Supreme Floor Soundproofing

Soundboard premium 24 floor soundproofing

Preventing the noise from travelling between floors prevents the intrusive noise from penetrating your environment.  Floor soundproofing will also help the acoustics in your personal space and prevent what could be classed as intrusive noises (footsteps, dropping things on the floor etc) from disturbing your neighbours underneath you.

Wall Soundproofing In Flats

Protecting your space from intrusive noise coming from next door, or even between rooms is just as important as soundproofing from upstairs and downstairs.  Reducing the reverb and increasing the amount of sound absorption can significantly increase the acoustic harmony of your home and lead to a more peacefull environment.  JCW Acoustic Supplies provide many products to help soundproof a wall, from Acoustic Panels that can be customised with artwork to look like a canvas print, power socket insets and acoustic quilts for partition walls.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is aimed at reducing the amount of reverb in a space by absorbing the sound waves and stopping them bouncing around a room.  Hard, flat surfaces (such as walls) are ideal for reflecting sound waves.  Sound absorbing panels such as the one shown underneath, are ideal products to prevent the reverberation and echo plain, solid walls deliver.

Silent Board Wall Soundproofing

JCW Silent Board Image

Sound Absorbing Panel

Wall Sound Absorbing Panel

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