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The Number Of Noise Complaints Is Rising Every Year

The number of noise-related complaints in the UK continues to rise as the population grows and new homes are insufficiently insulated against noise. Bickering between neighbours has become common place and it can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere around your neighbourhood.

When noise becomes an issue between two homes, instead of letting it come between people homeowners are now soundproofing their own home to protect from exterior noise. Not all exterior noise is a problem of noisy neighbours but can also be from public transport and other elements which are out of the control of the people.

Making an effort to make as little noise as possible is a good place to start, but sometimes even the minimum of sound can disturb those around you. In such situations you should call upon a company like Acoustic Supplies as we are specialists when it comes to soundproofing any property whether it be commercial or residential.

Areas To Target

There are certain areas of your property that you need to target with sound insulation if you want to ensure that as little noise and clatter is able to leave your property and invade others living spaces or vice versa.

It is up to you to find your most used noisy spot or the areas you are mostly affected by when trying to relax as all noise insulation products need to be fitted in the right places in order to work successfully. If you wish, Acoustic Supplies can provide assistance in helping you assess the main issues you have in the most affected areas of your building.

One area you can be sure will need to be replaced is the door of your home, especially if you reside in an apartment as it is likely that you will be disturbed by people walking down the corridor or the sound of doors being slammed. Soundproof doors can be put in their place as they are specifically designed to cut the level of decibels that can pass through a door frame.

If you need to familiarise yourself further with the topic of soundproofing, you should speak to one of our acoustic consultants as they can pass on their vast knowledge of the subject.