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Worried You’re A Noisy Neighbour? Install Soundproofing

Are you a noisy Neighbour?

When you live in a flat or apartment you have a greater responsibility to respect those living around you. When you live in a house, at the most you could have two sets of neighbours but in a flat you have to consider those living below and above you as well.

Noise levels are often the biggest form of complaint when it comes to living in close proximity to other people. Everybody has the right to have a peaceful home but for many this isn’t the case.

If you live in a flat you should consider investing in some form of soundproofing to guarantee that you don’t disturb your neighbours.

Home with soundproofing

When you install soundproofing into your home you can watch the TV, play your musical instruments and talk with friends safe in the knowledge that the noise you are creating isn’t passing on into your neighbour’s property.

Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic flooring is great for those that live above people. In many cases people are not intentionally trying to be noisy, it might just be that the building you live in has poor sound insulation.

If your neighbours have complained about being able to hear your footsteps all day long then acoustic flooring could save you the hassle and stress of having to tiptoe around your own  home.

Soundproofing Products

There are many products available so it is important that you consider which area of your property needs the most work. Having a quick chat with your neighbours before you begin the project will help to give you a better idea of where the problems are coming from.

Most of the products available are very easy to install and are hidden away from view so you don’t need to worry that your home will resemble a recording booth.

Soundproofing will not only help your neighbours to relax, it will give you the freedom to do what you like in your home without the fear of disturbing anyone.