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5 Tips To Soundproof Your Hotel

Many people don’t know the benefits of soundproofing your hotel. Noise is a common complaint in hotels and the hospitality industry. Outside noises can be heard from adjacent rooms, including people coming and going through rotating doors, traffic noise, air conditioning systems, or other appliances.

Hotels must make efforts to prevent noise in guest rooms because it can disrupt sleep, lower visitors’ pleasure with their stay, and even force them to check out sooner than expected. Here we will go through various ways to soundproofing your hotel.

1. Acoustic Panels

Installing acoustical panels inside the hotel rooms will aid in absorbing some sound that would otherwise reverberate throughout the space and contribute to noise complaints. In addition, these soundproof wall panels are an excellent option for hotel design since they can be positioned to create modern art that enhances the space’s aesthetic appeal. Even better, you can have them printed with any artwork you like to maintain brand consistency while enacting sound control measures.

Although turning down the sound is a great start, you still need to keep guest noise inside the confines of their room.

2. Soundproofing The Walls

The design of the hotel walls in your structure will determine how you proceed. An excellent place to start is by adding thick insulation between rooms. It is better to increase the wall’s mass. You can use high-performance insulation or stud isolators to block vibrations in their tracks if you plan to undertake a significant renovation.

You can also put more drywall on top of the existing layer. However, the performance will be considerably higher if green glue or a mass-loaded vinyl layer are added between the layers. Again, for your property, consulting a specialist will yield the finest outcomes.

3. Soundproofing The Doors

Not all noise stems from the adjacent room. A lot can happen in the corridors that can keep guests up at night. Soundproof hotel doors keep them inside.

Make sure the door is sturdy, as this will serve as the first line of defence. Hollow core doors could work OK for closets and interior doors in spaces with little need for privacy, but solid doors are preferable in a bedroom.

A strong door blocks sound, but the problem still exists if there are holes at the edges. Your sound barrier will be completed by installing seals around the perimeter, and automated door sweeps at the bottom. Automatic doors won’t drag across the carpet when a door is opened or closed as they sweep, raise and lower automatically.

4. Soundproofing The Windows

In front of the current windows, soundproof windows produce a “second window” that is simple to install. No matter its style or if it opens or closes, the product is carefully made to match and perform like the original window.

The various materials used to produce the pane, the proper air space between the original window and installation, and finally enhanced, long-lasting seals all work together to limit noise arriving via this inner window. Together, they can cut outside noise by up to 95%.

5. Soundproofing The Ceilings

Drop ceilings are typically efficient at decreasing noise, but if you still experience noise problems or your ceilings are made of drywall, you might need to take action to soundproof them.

The soundproofing properties of a single layer of drywall are not particularly good. However, if your ceiling is made of drywall, you can fill it with a soundproofing substance, such as mineral wool. Between layers, you could also add another layer of drywall using MLV or Green Glue. After soundproofing the ceiling, caulk the perimeter with acoustical sealant.


Soundproofing your hotel has many benefits. Noise is the most common complaint visitors make about their hotel stay. Many sounds can affect your guests. This includes the sounds of the cleaning crew, the conversations coming from the room next door or the ruckus from the room above. If a guest’s initial stay is unsatisfactory, they won’t stay there again.

You offer guests a better experience when you give them a soundproofed room. Visitors come back to your hotel and tell their friends about it. Online reviews of your hotel are positive. Your company grows, and your finances increase.

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