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Acoustic Doors From Acoustic Supplies Can Be Used In So Many Environments

Any considerate individual or business should always be conscious of the need to keep the noise down in order to not disturb others. Being tagged noisy can lead to fallouts and in extreme cases lead to the police getting involved and it ending up in the courts. At Acoustic Supplies we do not want this to happen to anybody and as a way of preventing it we are able to provide soundproofing doors which can be used in so many different places.

Acoustic Doors In Apartments

When you live in an apartment it is more likely that any loud music you play or turning up the television can interrupt the person next door due to excessive noise. If this is the cases, then we provide timber acoustic doors which can bring about 35 decibels sound reduction, which means even noise created by those walking through corridors outside will be reduced to a mere squeak.

Soundproof Doors For Nightclubs

Soundproofing is especially important in places such as nightclubs as if it judged that the noise made is disturbing nearby residents it could result in licences being revoked and eventual closure. Sound insulation materials such as a JCW Acoustic Steel door can bring about even higher decibel reductions, keeping the neighbours and authorities happy at all times.

Acoustic Doors For The Office

If you have important meetings within the workplace and they are of a confidential nature, then you need to make sure that any sensitive information does not get out. Acoustic Supplies are able to provide a range of moveable walls and partitions for such rooms, as well as acoustic silent doors which are available in a range of different wood finishes.

If you are unsure as to the best way of keeping the noise down in a certain environment, then please ring or email us so we can offer you the necessary solutions.