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Acoustic Fence installation completed at the 11th hour

Acoustic Fence Installation

JCW Acoustic supplies once again demonstrated how we can work to tight deadlines on our recent installation of our acoustic fence at a new TESCO hand car wash.

From the initial enquiry we were given just 3 weeks to propose an appropriate solution, take measurements, detail the types of dig for timber posts, price the project and complete the installation.

Once JCW had recommended our cost effective Reflective Sound Screen solution the installation work began. Two of our experienced acoustic fencing erectors travelled from Bolton to Bordon in order to complete the works within the agreed timescale. The erectors travelled on a Sunday night to ensure they could began the work at 8.00am on Monday 2nd November.

Through the hard work of our experienced fence erectors the job was completed within the agreed timescale and to a high standard.


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