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Acoustic Panels For Office Soundproofing

JCW Acoustic Supplies are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke and tailor made sound absorption products. Our acoustic panels offer great soundproofing acoustic options to seperate the office and offer a degree of privacy for segmented areas.

An example of the custom work that we can manufacture is the 2.4m tall portable acoustic panels designed to the needs of our customer who are using it within a recording studio:

These panels have been manufactured bespoke to our customers’ specification with the goal improving the sound quality and acoustic performance of a film recording studio. We were tasked with creating four extremely tall 2.4 m panels (1 x 2.4m x 1.2 3 x 2.4m x 0.92m) to reduce echo and reverberation.

The 7 foot 8 acoustic panels are wrapped in sound absorbent Cara Fabric in the clients preferred colour of ‘Lomond’, this colour best suited the décor of the studio.

The panels are to be used in a TV Production company Warehouse 51 who are based in Bristol, there aim is to produce the highest quality Factual and Factual Entertainment programming.

Other panels that would be more suitable for your environment can also be provided. Please take a look at our Acoustic Panels page.

With any of our panels, including the portable acoustic panels, custom printing is available. Simply provide JCW with a high quality image or design you like, and we will transfer the image onto the sound absorbing portable acoustic panels.