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Acoustic Supplies Can Help Keep Your Pub In Business

Soundproofing To Keep You In Business

A report on has detailed how a Prestatyn landlady could face closure if she exceeds noise limits by just one decibel. Denbighshire County Council is instructing her to keep noise levels down in her business as local residents have been complaining about the level of noise emanating from her pub. She claims that the live music nights they host on Saturdays keep the pub afloat. This is an awkward situation, but one in which Acoustic Supplies could definitely help.

Over the last few years, the amount of pubs that have closed down has increased immensely and we do want to see anymore go to the wall. If you have for example installed double glazing and it has still not had the desired effect, then soundproofing could well be the answer. We supply a massive range of sound insulation materials, which when applied to the appropriate areas, will hopefully keep any noise generated within a room.

Have you ever considered the amount of noise that may well be escaping through the door or doors at your pub? If not, then you should replace them with our range of timber acoustic doors as they will ensure that the decibel levels of noise are reduced significantly, preventing all those complaints. If you think about the amount of times that the door has been slammed shut, you will understand how that over time it may have started to become a poor insulator of sound and be susceptible to cracks and rotting.

We commonly find that ceilings, walls and doors are the usual areas which allow the biggest amount of noise to escape. Amongst other products, we provide silent boards, barrier mats and sound curtains to curtail such noise. Download our product brochure online today and find out for yourself how JCW Acoustic Supplies can keep you ringing that till.