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Cheer Away Without Disrupting The Neighbours By Soundproofing


When you mention the word soundproofing, some people may dispute whether it really does lessen the amount of noise generated in an area. But, if you want an example of just how effective it can be you only need to look at the new Cape Town stadium, which is due to be the world’s first soundproof stadium during the upcoming World Cup. It has a capacity of 69,070 and has the ability to reflect the crowd’s noise back onto the field, therefore preventing the chances of disturbing the nearby residents.

This just shows you how successfully soundproofing can work when done and installed correctly and in the appropriate areas susceptible to noise. Sound insulation can be used to cover up any cracks or gaps which may allow noise to get through them, so that any environment can be kept quieter, whether it is an industrial, residential or domestic area.

Acoustic foam can be used to fill in walls as they are one of the most noise prone areas, as well as ceilings, floors and doors. It is also extremely affordable and when you consider just how much it can reduce noise, it is definitely worth investing in as a preference to ending up in a row with your neighbours. If you feel confident enough then you can get your hands dirty and applying the soundproofing material yourself. Just make sure that before you start you thoroughly assess and identify the areas which need to be targeted before putting anything down.

Also, think about replacing your windows and doors, as old wooden windows and doors tend to let in more noise than you expect. Replacements tend to be made of thicker materials and are less likely to let gaps appear. Soundproofing is a proven way of making everyone that little bit happier.