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Close The Door On Noise With Our Soundproofing Range

Whenever we shut the door at home or at our place of work we do it because we want a little bit of quiet and privacy. Unfortunately for some of us even when we close the door on the outside world, we can still be easily distracted by any noise that may still seep through any gaps in our doors.

Acoustic doors are a very effective way of reducing the amount of sound which both leaves and enters a room. You will note that the pane of glass contained within an acoustic door is much smaller than you would find on a standard door. The reason being is that if the acoustic door consisted of a normal sized window it would reduce its effectiveness.

STC or to quote its full name Sound Transmission Class, demonstrates how sound reducing a door is. So the higher the STC, the more likely it is that the door will be able to protect against noise, the lower the STC, the more unlikely it is that it will protect against noise, you get the idea.

Timber acoustic doors are a common soundproofing solution in apartments, hotels, boardrooms, conference rooms, offices, theatres, radio/TV studios. For those industrial locations which generate more noise than those locations stated above such as warehouses, recording studios, nightclubs, cinemas, leisure facilities, discos and factories, an acoustic steel door is a more viable option as it can achieve sound reduction ratings up to 55db. Sound absorption is especially a crucial thing required in a recording studio as sound generated needs to stay within the room.

You should not have to suffer from noise when you close that door behind you. If after the installation of an acoustic door there is still sound invading or escaping from a room, then have a look at the numerous other soundproofing products available.