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Noisy Neighbours Soundproofing

How To Soundproof A Fence

About three quarters (76%) of the population in the UK experience negative effects from noise at home, according to research. Soundproof fences are installed for a majority of reasons. They help secure our property, keep children and pets in the garden, provide a backdrop for our garden, define the borders in different areas, and act as a sound barrier. 

Suppose you’re looking for a new sound barrier fence. In that case, many solutions are available today that offer quality soundproofing. In addition, there are quick and easy solutions to improve your sound control if you already have a fence.

This blog will explain why you should install soundproof fencing and how to make your fence soundproof.

Reasons To Soundproof Your Fence

Road traffic, noisy neighbours or passers-by disrupt peace in gardens or outside areas. By having a soundproof fence, you can have a peaceful outside area giving you peace. In addition, you can make far more use of your lovely new barrier by including soundproofing materials.

Most soundproofing techniques also help obstruct lines of sight and the wind, protecting much more than just airborne noise. So what is noise in the air? Any sound wave that passes across open space and enters our eardrums qualifies. So let’s look at some airborne sounds that show why it makes sense to soundproof a fence and block out undesirable noise.

Noisy Neighbours

This significance is clear if you’ve ever had a noisy neighbour live or work next door. That noise can prevent you from properly relaxing after work and on weekends, concentrating at work, and even getting a good night’s sleep. It could be caused by regular late-night parties, a dog that barks throughout the day, or noisy industrial activity.


If you live on a busy road, the constant barrage of passing cars’ traffic noise can produce similar problems as noisy neighbours. Streets never close, and vehicles can make noise every day of the year. You can solve this ongoing issue by constructing a backyard sound barrier fence.

Increase Your Property's Privacy

Sometimes individuals want to give their barbecues and parties a bit more privacy. With the help of acoustic fencing, you can establish a noise barrier, keep your conversations private, and enjoy a BBQ or relax in the garden without noisy neighbours.

Keep Neighbours Happy

Even though you may be making the noise, you nevertheless want to soundproof a fence to please your neighbours. Dealing with that outdoor noise before it reaches their ears goes a long way if you have a barking dog, noisy parties, or run machines on your property.

Addressing noise is especially crucial if you run a business from your home. There are a variety of operations and equipment that are necessary to businesses but have the potential to annoy your neighbours. Create a soundproof fence to contain such noises.

How To Soundproof A Fence

Reflective Sound Screen

Reflective sound screens are unusual because, in addition to blocking sound, they also absorb it. This significantly lowers the background noise. Steel posts are an alternative to timber posts and can be supplied with reflective sound screens.

As a border barrier, it provides seclusion, security, and—most importantly, in this situation—peace. In addition, you can utilise the screens in locations where noise is, such as residential, commercial, industrial, animal shelters, schools, public houses and construction sites.

Sound Traffic Barrier


For very demanding highway and commercial applications, sound traffic barriers have been specifically created to offer the same level of noise protection as the reflecting sound screen.

Noise barriers prevent sound waves from travelling from a source (such as a highway) to nearby households or businesses. This forces the waves to go over the top of the barrier or around it. Therefore, the barrier must be tall and long enough to obstruct the highway’s line of sight.

Absorbent Sound Screen

Absorbent sound screens can be constructed to protect against sound waves produced by excessive noise levels, often brought on by large numbers of vehicles, people, and machines. In addition to excessive home garden noise, ear-splitting commercial and industrial machinery noise, extremely loud sports venues, railways, airports, and motorway road noises are also examples of noise pollution in and around numerous big UK cities.

Absorbent sound screens are frequently utilised near continuous power source generators, air conditioning compressors, waste compactors, and product loading locations to contain noise.

Cover Gaps

Sound waves can travel through a hole if air can. A chain link fence has essentially no gaps. Hence it offers no meaningful soundproofing advantages. You should consider getting a new fence if that’s what you have.

A wood fence can effectively block some sound. Still, the results will be considerably improved if you use acoustic fence materials to fill the spaces between the boards. By lessening the sound, you receive, and whatever noise pollution you produce, you’ll be in good condition if you add some density to your boards.

Ensure There Is Enough Height

Your fence must be tall enough to contain the neighbourhood’s airborne environmental noise if you wish to minimise sound transmission through it effectively. For example, a four-foot chain link fence can contain the kids and pets, but your noisy neighbours won’t be much quieter even if you soundproof it.

A fence six to eight feet tall will absorb significantly more sound because it can be heard from various angles. Additionally, it offers more seclusion, giving you greater confidence to store expensive machinery on your property or to sunbathe in the garden.

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