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JCW Group Adds Another 28,000 Square Feet Of Warehouse Capacity

The JCW Group currently operates from a 20,000 square foot sales, administration, warehousing and manufacturing base in Bolton, Greater Manchester, an ideal location for a distribution business with a national customer base.

The continued growth of JCW Acoustic Supplies turnover and product volumes and the launch of JCW Specialist Supplies have recently driven the company to invest in another 14,000 square foot of storage space at a unit adjacent to the existing premises.

Underpinning this expansion is a professional sales team with dedicated managers to individually deal with the contract, merchant, distributor and sound absorption customer.

JCW Acoustic Supplies and JCW Specialist Supplies have also recently acquired a 14,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Latvia which will specialise in the production of acoustic and underfloor heating products.

“Removing a link and associated cost margin in this supply chain and being able to regularly ship full container loads from a lower cost producer Eastern Europe means customers will be able to enjoy even more competitive deals from us”, says Mark Wilkins.

Supporting manufacturing facilities will still be operated from the Bolton base, providing a totally flexible and highly responsive supply chain capability.

The JCW Acoustic Supplies Division is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of soundproofing and sound absorption products, a  “one stop shop” for solutions to sound and noise problems in the home and workplace.