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JCW Supplies Acoustic Cradle Levelling System For NICU

JCW Supplies Acoustic Cradle Levelling System For NICU

Just over 1000m2 of our levelling system has now been supplied to Auldyn Construction, one of Isle of Man’s largest contractors ready for the official opening of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in February 2015.

Following approval for funding in Tynwald, building work on the £4m NICU commenced in October last year. The extension to the hospital adjoins the existing Jane Crookall Maternity Unit and will offer more space for the specialist care that is provided to neonatal babies. The current capacity of nine cots will remain, but enhancements will include additional overnight accommodation for parents, additional space to improve isolation, resuscitation and privacy, as well as additional room for the storage of vital equipment.

Due to the nature of the build, the flooring detail was uneven and had to be made perfectly level throughout. JCW Acoustic Cradle Levelling System was the most cost effective and practical solution on offer.

The Cradle consists of 4 sections which can be built on an individual, bespoke manner which means each cradle has a unique, fit to purpose height. This level of diversity in the floor height means that even when building on uneven sub floors, you can accomplish a perfectly level final floor detail.

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