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Don’t Let Noise In Your Home Have A Negative Affect On Your Home

Noise disruption in the home can create a whole host of negative consequences for home owners and there are very few ways to effectively deal with most noise sources. Fortunately JCW Acoustic Supplies are one of the leading providers and installers of sound insulation and sound reduction products in the UK. Our products can be used to combat all types of noise disruption and we have solutions for any room in the home. This brief article will give an overview of some common noise types and the best ways to make soundproofing a room a very real possibility.

Types of Sound

There are two main types of sound disruption in the home and depending on the source of the noise; you may be affected by one or both. The main type of sound that disrupts homeowners is airborne noise which as the name suggests is noise that travels through the air. This noise is commonly created by speaking or by playing loud music; it is the most common form of noise disruption and can also be the most frustrating. Another source of noise is impact noise; this comes from the slamming of doors or stamping of feet and is part sound, part vibration.

Sound Proofing Products

As there is more than one way to create noise there must also be more than one way to soundproof against it. The term soundproofing does not apply to any one particular product as there are multiple methods that must be used in order to truly eliminate or reduce sound. The two main forms of soundproofing are sound insulation and sound absorption; the first product is used to create a larger barrier to noise whereas absorption aims to eliminate echoing and the bouncing of sound waves. Only by using the two systems together can noise be truly reduced.