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Make A Fresh Start With A Noise-Free Home

Having a noise-free home is a privilege that not many UK homeowners enjoy. Year on year, noise complaints increase in the UK and one of the main reasons is the constantly increasing population. This way more and more people have the opportunity to interrupt your daily activities – by playing loud music, having loud conversations or just because of increased traffic noise.

If loud neighbours are disturbing your normal state too, there is an easy solution that can solve all your problems – soundproofing.

The Two Types Of Noise

There are two main types of noise that usually disturb UK households. They are dependent on the source of the noise and anyone could be affected by either one or both. The most common one that disturbs UK families is the airborne one. It is the noise which travels through air and it is usually created by loud music or speaking loud. The airborne noise can be very frustrating and is usually caused by neighbours having parties very often, or just when communicating with each other in loud decibels.

The second type of noise which disturbs UK families is the impact noise. It is partly sounds and partly vibrations. It is usually created by slamming doors or feet.

There are Solutions

Fortunately, there are solutions that can work towards noise reduction and help you and your household find peace in your own home. Since there is more than one way of creating noise, there are several products that can reduce noise and many different methods to actually use them for creating the perfect soundproofing system.

The two main ways of soundproofing are sound absorption and sound insulation. Sound insulation is a method of creating a larger barrier to the noise, while sound absorption is eliminating the echoing and the bouncing of sound waves.

How We Can Help

If you too have problems with noise in your home or office, JCW Acoustic Supplies can be the perfect solution. Our friendly team will be happy to help you choose the best combination for your property.