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Noise No Longer Need Be A Nuisance With Soundproofing From JCW

Don’t Let Neighbours Ruin Your Day

You’ve just got home after a hard day at work and all you want to do is relax in peace and quiet. Next thing you realise the next door neighbour has decided to have some home improvements done and all you can hear is the clang and bang of tools. Despite this you need not start tearing your hair out as there is a solution available, soundproofing.

Soundproofing is the act of insulating structures against sound, something which is extremely useful for protecting against outside noise pollution whether it is noisy neighbours, high traffic volume or a the local gang of drunks at a weekend. Being subjected to excess noise pollution can in fact lead to people becoming overly stressed, depressed and even subject to ill health.

different ways of home soundproofing

There are several ways of soundproofing the home, including soundproofing walls, doors and ceilings. The use of silent timber soundproofing doors can help reduce sound by up to 44 decibels and can be manufactured to your precise specifications. For those nightclubs, cinemas and factories that want to reduce noise made, the addition of steel acoustic doors can bring a sound reduction varying from 34 to 55 decibels.

Soundproofing walls is a great way of eradicating any noisy neighbour problems. A silent board is an acoustic wall system designed to drastically reduce sound transmission which is very easy to install and great value. Once installed any decorative finish can still be applied.

The first thing you should do when soundproofing your home is to work out where the sound is coming from, and find out which part of your property most needs sound insulation. A cheap solution to prevent excess noise flooding into your living space is by purchasing soundproof curtains, which are available in a range of different styles to suit your home.

So don’t even contemplate moving home in order to get away from the racket from next door. By installing one of the many soundproofing options available you can be guaranteed of the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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