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Unwanted noise in the workplace has many causes. Noisy server cabinets or equipment, sound waves reverberating off hard surfaces, airborne noise in open plan offices or large retail spaces and call centres, room to room noise transfer, all of these are sources of unwanted noise.

Individually and together they make for an uncomfortable workplace where concentration and good communication is difficult, affecting both staff health and productivity.
Offices and open plan working areas like those found in call centres need soundproofing to promote speech intelligibility and provide a more congenial working environment or simply to isolate an unavoidably noisy area in the workplace.

Boardrooms, conference rooms interview rooms and meeting rooms, wherever the noise problem, there’s an acoustic soundproofing solution available from JCW Acoustic Supplies.

We can arrange a site visit for one of our acoustic consultants to research and advise you on which of our products will provide an acoustic solution for your workplace noise problem. Our experienced installation teams are available nationwide to complete your project.

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