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Silence Your Noisy Neighbours With Acoustic Supplies

Noisy Neighbours Are A Nationwide Issue

Type the words noisy neighbours into the news pages of any major news-based site and you will come across an endless list of stories concerning incidents between neighbouring homes. Excess noise caused by one home impacting upon another is becoming a growing issue nationwide, a trend that is not surprising when you consider the growing population and the fact that many of us are forced to live closer together.

Conflict Between Neighbours

It isn’t just the spoken word that is causing serious conflict between neighbours, it can also be put down to the many other sources of noise that we have in our homes. We refer to the hi-fi, TV’s, radio’s, washing machines, tumble dryers; the list goes on and on. We all need to make a conscious effort to lower the amount of noise generated in our property and give more careful thought to our neighbours.

We Can Help!

This is sometimes easier said than done and often requires the assistance of a specialist soundproofing company such as Acoustic Supplies who are on hand to make sure that you, nor your neighbours, ever have reason to complain again.

After identifying the area where noise is causing issues, our top team of acoustic consultants will be able to point you in the direction of the correct sound insulation or noise insulation product. One it has been correctly fitted you should notice a marked difference in noise levels heard on either side of the relevant area.

Most of our product range will be virtually unnoticeable in your home, only serving to make a sound-based impact, rather than a visual one. The decibel levels that can be transferred from one place to the other will be a fraction of what they once were.

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