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Soundproof Your Home And You Can Have That Summer Party

Key reasons to soundproof

With good weather comes the urge to invite people round to your home for food and drinks. It also usually involves you wanting to play start your favourite music into the early hours of the morning at a decent volume. But, before you start informing guests of the party have you considered your neighbours? If not, then you should and the best way of keeping everyone happy and allowing you to stay out of trouble is to soundproof with JCW Acoustic Supplies.

If those nearby consider the noise you are making to be too excessive, then it could result in you being reported to the local authorities and potentially bringing an end to those house parties. This needs not be the case though as we offer soundproofing products designed to reduce the amount of noise pollution. Although things like double glazing can prevent the amount of noise that is allowed to leave your home and filter through to others, it is not the total solution required to prevent you being tagged as noisy neighbours.

One of the main areas you need to target to lessen the amount of noise passing through to next door are your walls. Acoustic walls can help you stay out of bother and products such as our enhanced barrier mats can be applied easily and quickly, while making a huge difference. If you do not want noise to escape through ceilings, especially relevant if you live in an apartment, then we have ceiling pads available which achieve 34 decibels room to room sound insulation.

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to soundproofing, to be on the safe side you can fill in the online enquiry form and tell us exactly what your requirements are. We can then give you the necessary solutions.