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Soundproof Your Walls To Reduce The Effect Of Noise

Most of us have to deal with constant noise in our homes on a constant basis. With most of it coming from our own homes and noisy neighbours. Some people have no idea how to deal with this issue of increasing levels of noise within the home.Now you may be wondering what exactly is soundproofing? Soundproofing is the process of trying to eliminate or remove unwanted noise within a room. So, if you have unwanted noise coming from both inside and outside your home soundproofing is the ideal solution.

Where Should I start?

The world of soundproofing can be a very confusing place for someone traversing it for the first time. As such it is important to pinpoint where the noise is coming from i.e. the walls, the ceilings and so on. If you are unsure as to what area is creating the most noise it may be beneficial to talk to one of our soundproofing experts.

Wall Soundproofing

Many people often start with wall soundproofing as this can provide the greatest reduction in noise. So, if you decide to soundproof your walls you may be wondering what products should i use to soundproof my walls?

Our Recommendations For Wall Soundproofing Solutions

A good starting point would be the JCW Silent Board. This is due to its easy installation and the fact that it can be installed directly to walls with no extra hassle. The JCW Silent Board is also a certified ‘noisy neighbour solution’.

If you are looking for a soundproofing solution that will have more of a effect than the JCW Silent Board you may want to look at the Silent Board Plus. As this is a ultra high performance acoustic wall lining system that is designed to drastically reduce sound transmission.