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Soundproofing Allows You To Ring To Your Heart’s Content

According to report in the Daily Telegraph, a Church in Leigh near Wigan, has had to reduce its bell ringing practice after complaints from nearby neighbours in the form of a petition forwarded to the council. Wigan Council has advised that Church to install soundproofing material in the bell tower, but they are claiming that they cannot afford it. Well they would have no excuse not to afford it if they came to Acoustic Supplies.

Soundproofing is the ideal way of keeping peace with your local neighbours as it is a great way of reducing sounds emanating not just from a Church, can also be used in your home, recording studio or place of work. One of our main aims at Acoustic Supplies is to make soundproofing a room an affordable thing to do as we know that many people are living on tight enough budgets as it is and it is a cost effective way of preventing such complaints.

The Church could purchase a JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat which could be placed onto the roof, designed to combat low frequency airborne sounds and vibration. This is the kind of simple solution which would prevent them being seen as noisy neighbours. Walls could also be soundproofed using a JCW Silent Board which can dramatically reduce the amount of sound transmitted outwards. We also have acoustic ceiling pads which can act as noise absorbing instruments and offer up to 34 decibels of sound reduction. To avoid the sound transmitting downwards, acoustic battens or acoustic decking can be laid, as noise can easily pass through floors.

If you currently find yourself in the difficult situation of being accused of making excessive noise in any sort of environment, then contact Acoustic Supplies and we can help you keep the peace.