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Soundproofing Could Stop You Having To Move

As reported by The Daily Telegraph a group of nuns in Liverpool are leaving their home of more than 100 years, after the building of a new school nearby ruined their peace and tranquillity. They are currently seeking permission to build a new convent elsewhere, but if only they had come to Acoustic Supplies we could have helped them stay in their current convent with a number of soundproofing solutions.

Soundproof To Block Unwanted Noise

Soundproofing is an ideal way of helping block out unwanted noise from elsewhere, especially if such noise is invading your own living space. We know how annoying it can be and it can make life in the home and other locations misery if you are subjected to it for a considerable amount of time. We want to help bring an air of tranquillity back to your home or place of worship.

Sometimes it might not actually be noise emanating from people that is the problem, it could just be that the walls of your building are very thin and the slightest of noises can interrupt you. We can provide you with acoustic foam which can easily be attached to walls which will not only reduce the amount of noise that gets into a room, but it will also lessen the amount of noise that leaves a room. It can also be attached to ceilings, doors and floors, other places in which noise can be a nuisance.

Another way of attaining sound insulation is by installing acoustic doors into those rooms which are most affected by noise. They are tightly fitted to frames and as they are made out of a thick wooden timber, it means that noise will find it hard to get through it.

Check out our case studies page and see if you can find any similar situations as to the one you are currently facing as you may find some useful soundproofing hints and tips.