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Soundproofing Helps Keep The Peace With Your Neighbours

Soundproof To Have Happy Neighbours

When you live in a terraced home it can sometimes feel like you are competing against the next door neighbour as to who can make the most noise. Walls may be paper thin and every clatter, bang and step made can be heard by those on either side of them. It can help make home life a misery and you sometimes may dread returning to your home after a long day at work, something which should never happen.

Many people submit to the notion that applying egg cartons to the walls is the answer to all those noise disturbances and although they can have an effect, it is minimal. In order to achieve a noticeable reduction in sound you need to have a look into the many soundproofing products available, a more technologically advanced method.

Get investigating round your home and try and identify those areas in which the majority of the noise is coming in. After having a good look around you may notice tiny gaps in flooring or the walls you may not have previously noticed, these are the areas in which noise is likely to occur. Noise insulation products can help keep the noise you make away from those next door, so if the finger of blame is ever levelled at you, you can point to your soundproofing work as proof that you are not responsible.

Soundproofing foam can be used to control the transmission and absorption of sound, helping cut down the amount of noise generated next door from coming into your living space. The sounds made will deflect off the foam, meaning that they will stay in the place in which they have come from.

Remember as the saying goes ‘everybody needs good neighbours’. So set the example yourself by soundproofing your home and keeping the peace.