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Easy Soundproofing At Home

When you have had a hard week at work the last thing you need is for your neighbour to announce that they are having friends round and that it might get a little noisy.

Many of us are too polite to ever protest or kick up a fuss, so we’ll politely nod in agreement and complain when they are well out of earshot.

If this has become a reoccurring problem within your household then you may want to consider investing in some form of soundproofing.

Wall Soundproofing

By soundproofing walls you can reduce the amount of noise that feeds through into your living space. Acoustic Supplies have the widest range of soundproofing products available in the UK so they are a one stop shop for all your noise insulation problems.

Silent Board

Soundproofing a room with JCW silent board is an ideal way of reducing neighbouring noise as it is suitable for lightweight wall structures or existing plasterboard.  It is also easy to install and won’t affect the size of your living space in any way.

If you live in an apartment or flat then you may also need to consider soundproofing your ceilings and floors to be totally free of your noisy neighbours.

Easy to install Soundproofing Products

All products offered are designed to be easy to apply and come fully equipped with instructions to assist you in making a room more soundproof than it previously was.

If you do need assistance, we are on hand to visit your property and ensure that all relevant gaps are plugged with the right kind of noise reducing solution.

Our sales team is only one phone call away from helping you put an end to your noise misery. We have teams located in the North and South of the country. Every team member will be more than happy to listen, advise and take action on your behalf.