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Soundproofing Solutions for Your School, College or University with JCW

Soundproofing Solutions

‘School’s out for summer’ or they nearly are – so why not use this as a perfect time to undertake any sound absorption projects in your school, college or university buildings.

Laura Keegan, Manager of JCW Acoustic Supplies explains “Throughout the summer break JCW regularly deliver to academic sites the length and breadth of the UK, supplying sound absorption products to help improve both the staff and the student experience.  Our team at JCW can work with architects, contractors and consultants to provide the most effective product, or we can, in-house, provide reverberation calculations that academic institutions can utilise to come up with what suits them and their budget”.

Products Supplied

Products typically supplied to these academic holiday projects include: JCW Reflecta Sound, Gym Panels and Techmel Foam and are the perfect solution for sound absorption issues in classrooms, public areas, gymnasiums and school halls. Laura Keegan concludes “The JCW range offers the perfect solution for all academic sites and by liaising closely with our customers JCW can make sure that from start to finish, every project runs as smoothly as possible. Just make sure to call us as early as possible before the summer holidays to guarantee delivery when required.”

To find out more about JCW sound absorption solutions for your school, college or university, call JCW Acoustic Supplies today on 01204 548400 or email