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Soundproofing Your Bar Could Keep The Tills Ringing

A report on the ‘Herald’ website in the Republic of Ireland has detailed how a bar in the middle of the popular tourist area of Temple Bar in the city centre of Dublin has soundproofed in order to ease complaints from nearby residents. They were potentially running the risk of being forced to close early and stop having live music played, which could have cost them financially and eventually led to them having to shut permanently, but soundproofing has helped keep them going.

Soundproof Your Bar Or Restaurant

If you own a bar or restaurant and are experiencing a similar situation, then you need to speak to us here at Acoustic Supplies about potentially soundproofing ideas. The threat of closure or a loss of custom is something which we are sure that many of you will not be able to contemplate, so it is important that get identifying those areas in which the most amount of noise is escaping and disrupting those in the surrounding area.

We are able to provide a wide range sound insulation solutions so that you need not worry about any form of noise interrupting others. We can provide products for walls, ceilings and floors which have been designed and crafted to not compromise the look of the vicinity in which they are going to be installed, while acting as great sound reducers. We also provide acoustic foam which can help break down sound waves.

One of the ideal soundproofing measures for places which play music at a high level are acoustic doors, as they can bring about a huge reduction in the amount of decibels emanating from a room. We are able to offer both timber and steel doors depending how much noise you want to eliminate.

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