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The 4 Loudest Animals on Earth

There’s a variety of different animals in the world and some of them are louder than others. There are some extremely loud ones and there’s also some rather quiet ones too.

Well, have you ever been called a loud mouth or a chatterbox? Well, you can be sure that you’ve nothing on some of the following animals.

Now, although you can’t soundproof against animals in a zoo or in the wild, but if you live nearby then you can soundproof against the noise with some products straight from us here at JCW Acoustic Supplies.

Greater Bulldog Bat

There are very few animals in the world that can use sound to navigate which is something that is known as echolocation.

The greater bulldog bat is the loudest of the bat family and they also make the most of their extremely loud sound which exceeds 140 dB, to track the movement of fish in water. This is a sound that can’t be heard by humans though. This is due to it being outside of the human hearing range of between 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Bat Flying Over Water

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

This shrimp is native to the Mediterranean and it apparently tops the list as the loudest living animal, due it the noise it makes topping over 200 dB. This is louder than a gunshot! However, due to it living under the sea, they are much quieter, around 120-130 dB.

They are found in tropical reefs all around the world and they’re equipped with a large claw that shoots water. The water moves with such velocity that it creates an air bubble. When this implodes it creates a shock wave louder than a whale’s call.

Blue Whale

Blue whales make an extremely loud whistling call to each other. These noises are known as sirens and these can reach up to 188 dB which is louder than a jet engine or a grenade explosion. Sound carries further under water, so the whales can be heard up to 800km away.

Blue whales are the largest living creatures that have ever existed on earth, so it’s not really a surprise that they can make a noise louder than a jet engine. Even their tongues can weigh the same as an elephant.