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Don’t Let Noise Make Your Life A Misery

There are many modern inventions that contribute a lot of noise to our daily lives and can often cause misery, sleepless nights and constant distractions. Many people fail to realise that there are solutions available that can restore peace and quiet in their home; solutions that have been used successfully in industrial business for many years. Acoustic Supplies has one of the best ranges of soundproofing products in the UK and we have been supplying the trade for many years. If you are a homeowner suffering from noise disruption in your life then read this handy guide to learn about some of the possible solutions.

Wall Soundproofing

Many of the main sources of noise pollution come from outside the home; this externally produced noise must therefore be reduced with sound insulation on the walls of your property. There are various products that we offer that can be easily built into or retrofitted on to almost any homes walls. Most of the wall soundproofing range comes in the form of silent boards or mats which are very similar to plasterboard however, unlike plasterboard; they are made from specialist noise insulation materials.

Ceiling Soundproofing

Although most noise will be generated externally, the growth of people living in flats has meant that noise disturbance originating from neighbours has been on the rise. Rather than taking more drastic actions such as official complaints to landlords, homeowners can take the relatively straightforward step of installing ceiling soundproofing. This will ensure that any noise generated in flats or rooms above is lowered while at the same time ensuring that any noise made in the home will not disturb your neighbours.

Whatever your source of frustration, you can be sure that Acoustic Supplies have the knowledge and expertise to help and ensure that you reclaim your peace and quiet.