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There’s No Need To Get Depressed When You Soundproof With Acoustic Supplies

Why You Should Consider Soundproofing

An article on Peterborough Today has detailed how a noisy neighbor in Brighton who allegedly drove his neighbor to depression has been ordered to pay more than £1,000 in fines and court costs. The neighbour made his former neighbours lives a misery with persistent loud music banging and shouting. But, all of this could have been prevented if only the neighbours had paid a visit to Acoustic Supplies.

Put An End To Noisy Neighbours

We all know that having noisy neighbours can be a stressful and annoying situation, so it makes it a lot easier and more amicable if everyone can get on together. Moving home need not be the final straw as if you soundproof your home, then the likelihood of you being disturbed so much that you get depressed is almost certainly avoided. Soundproofing can easily be applied in your home, next door or by both of you as a way of preventing an excessive amount of noise from interrupting either party.

One of the areas we always suggest as a key place to target is the walls, as those who live in terraced housing or apartments, are most likely to have walls which struggle to withstand such noise pressure. Acoustic walls can be achieved by applying a JCW Silent Board or JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat to the walls which will absorb any sound created. They have a self adhesive backing so that you can be guaranteed that they will stay in place once fixed onto walls and are also designed to lessen vibrations which reverberate around a room. We also supply acoustic sockets for walls, an acoustic insulation system for wall sockets to eliminate the transfer of sound through walls.

If you are experiencing problems with noise from next door, then contact either of our offices for the very best in soundproofing advice.