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Your Simple Guide To Soundproofing A Room

There are some many different avenues from which noise can emanate. You may live near the local airport, railway or you may just be driven insane by those noisy next door neighbours. The problem is that you may be living in the home of your dreams which is only tempered by such noise, but before you even consider moving you should look into soundproofing your home as a way of eliminating such annoyance. Before carrying out any soundproofing you need to look into the following areas.

Windows Soundproofing

If contemplating soundproofing a room which currently has singled glazed windows present, then you must have a look into double glazing as single paned windows have poor noise reducing qualities. Although double glazing will not bring a complete stop to outside interference, it will help to reduce it substantially. Double glazed windows have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating between 28 and 35, compared to single glazed windows which only have an STC rating of 20. If you do not have the funds for new windows as a soundproofing measure, then think about installing sound curtains.

Door Soundproofing

Many existing doors allow a lot of noise to seep through in any gaps they may have. Installing thick wooden timber acoustic doors can help bring about a great reduction in sound generated from the outside, usually up to around a 34 to 55 decibel sound reduction.

Wall Soundproofing

The walls of a room are very often vulnerable to noise, sometimes you cannot even have a private conversation without it being heard by someone in the next room. Adding layers of drywall to a wall can make a huge difference, the thicker the drywall, the more noise is likely to be condensed.

If you are happy in your current home then there is no reason why you should ever think about moving. By installing a few simple soundproofing measures you can enjoy your living space in peace for years to come.