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Acoustic Deck 34 Provides Outstanding Insulation For Home Properties

JCW Acoustic Deck 34 helped achieve an improvement in both noise reduction and noise transmission levels which was 5dB better than that required by the Building Regulations for the Countryside Properties’ Carrington Park development in Warrington.

Acosutic Deck 34 on Timber Fram Apartment

The JCW Acoustic Deck 34 was used on a 4-storey, timber frame apartment building. This slim-line, space-saving board provides maximum acoustic insulation for timber-framed buildings and despite being one of the best performing products on the market, at only 34mm, it is only one quarter the thickness of other systems. It is lightweight, easy to handle, quick to install and it allows one course of brick cladding to be saved per floor. It also permits non load-bearing partitions to be built straight off the structure itself.

“The Carrington Park building houses 24 apartments,” explains Andrew Fox, Technical Standards Manager for Countryside Properties. “We needed to achieve the 5bB improvement so that the building would receive an Eco-Homes rating and help our client fulfil certain funding requirements. That meant examining such areas as the health and well-being of the residents – an area where noise levels can have a major impact.

“The JCW Acoustic Deck 34 was the ideal way to reach our goal. It proved to be extremely effective, quicker and more cost-effective to install, and far less prone to installation errors than the alternative batten-based systems. The on-site installation advice that JC Wilkins supplied also ensured that we achieved a very consistent result throughout the building.”

Despite being thinner than the average acoustic flooring JCW Acoustic Deck 34 complies with Part E of the Building Regulations and meets Robust Detail performance targets for both airborne and impact noise. It has a fire rating of DIN 4102: B2 and NEN 6064/5/6, and once installed is compatible with any type of floor covering. It is made from 100% recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable itself.

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