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We all know how annoying it can be for example when reading a book, watching television or trying to get some beauty sleep, when suddenly a din of noise floods into your home from a neighbouring house. It can not just result in anger, stress and inconvenience, but in extreme cases it could affect your health. Recent studies have shown that around one in five people hear noise from their neighbours and almost half of those are annoyed by it.

We at Acoustic Supplies are renowned for our high quality soundproofing sound insulation products and with over 15 years experience are best placed to provide you with every soundproofing solution you could ever need.

Soundproofing walls is a proven way of reducing the amount of noise through walls. The installing of a JCW Silent Board is an ideal way of preventing noisy neighbour syndrome and its slim composition means little compromise on living space despite high performance. For those working in an office our custom built folding movable walls and partitions can help block out unwanted noise.

The addition of one of our timber acoustic doors, ideal for apartments, hotels, boardrooms, conference rooms, offices, theatres, cinemas, radio/TV studio’s and music studios, are not only convenient but are easy to install. For those working in factories or warehouses, an acoustic steel door may be a better option as it provides sound reductions up to 55 decibels.

The modern home or flat should already be well insulated against noise, however older properties may experience noise from above and ceiling soundproofing is a viable option. A JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat is an acoustic matting system perfect for walls, floors and ceilings designed to solve any vibration and noise problems.

By taking our advice and purchasing our products you will no longer be in the awkward position of having to bang on the wall or falling out with your neighbours over excessive noise. If you would like to view our full range of products why not download our brochure online now.

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide the latest Floor Soundproofing, Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing products, materials, installation and advice for noise reduction in industrial and domestic environments. Find out more – visit: or telephone 01204 548400