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Acoustic Supplies Can Help Provide You With A Barrier From Noise

When we first established JCW Acoustic Supplies over 15 years ago we did so with the intention of offering people a number of simple solutions to the problem of noise within a number of different environments. We know all there is to know about soundproofing and are best placed to offer you necessary advice, expertise and products to bring a tranquil atmosphere to wherever you happen to spend your time.

In order to make our soundproofing products a successful addition to your home there are a few steps you need to follow in order to find out where the majority of the noise is emanating from. Check all windows, doors, ceilings and floors and look out for any gaps or cracks which may be present and potentially allowing noise to come in. If you find that your windows are letting in noise and draughts, then you really ought to think about purchasing double glazing, as a double paned window is likely less likely to allow noise in.

If your walls are determined as not protecting you from noise, then we have a number of goods which can be used for soundproofing walls. Ideally when a home is first constructed you would hope that the walls are made with increased thickness, but this is not always evident. Not a problem, as one of our silent boards or enhanced barrier mats can easily be installed onto a wall with little difficulty and act as a great sound absorption resolution. These products are versatile as they can also be attached to ceilings should that be were the problem is located.

Tiled floors can often prove to be susceptible to nuisance noise. If this is the case then think about replacing it with acoustic carpeting as it is composed of a thick material which is less likely to allow noise to invade a room.

If you are unsure which soundproofing products would be the best solution for your home, then check out our case studies where you are likely to find similar situations and you can discover how they went about solving the problem via Acoustic Supplies.