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Acoustic Supplies – Your One Stop Shop For Soundproofing

Wherever you go there is a good chance that sound will follow you. Sound is all around us and takes many different forms. Cars, buses, trains, and children are just a few examples. Our hearing is one of the most important things that we possess and when our ears are left exposed to excess noise, it can be extremely annoying at times. Acoustic Supplies was specifically setup to bring an end to the pain of noise as we are specialists in providing soundproofing products.

Soundproofing is a unique and effective way of lessening the impact of noise in a variety of different locations and environments. We produce and supply the biggest variety of soundproof products in the UK, giving customers access to acoustic foam and soundproofing foam. Each product has been specially developed to solve the problem of noise in different parts of a building including ceilings, walls, floors and doors.

Soundproofing Locations

There is virtually no location that we haven’t supplied with soundproof products. Schools, cinemas, theatres, recording studios, industrial and recreational environments are just a few examples. We have the knowledge to advise you of the exact right products to make a real world of difference.

All products offered are designed to be easy to apply and come fully equipped with instructions to assist you in making a room more soundproof than it previously was. If you do need assistance, we are on hand to visit your property and ensure that all relevant gaps are plugged with the right kind of noise reducing solution.

Our sales team is only one phone call away from helping you put an end to your noise misery. We have teams located in the North and South of the country. Every team member will be more than happy to listen, advise and take action on your behalf.