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Bring Back Harmony To Your Workplace

Having A Good Workspace Is Vital

We spend most of our lives in the office and in some cases our colleagues see more of us than our families do. It’s because we spend so much time in the office that it’s important to make the office a good place to work. While this means making sure the office is light and airy and there is tea and coffee available 24/7 it also needs to be a peaceful place to work. Stress is one of the biggest causes of illness in the UK and if you can’t hear yourself think at work then you’re bound to become more stressed.

Acoustic Supplies knows that it’s important that you have a happy office in order to keep productivity up. That’s why they provide a range of products that can reduce the amount of disrupting noise that travels round the office.

Quiet Space For Group Work

Acoustic Pods give you a space that allows for group work to be carried out in a quiet space. Unlike most pods, these Acoustic Pods do not restrict air flow and work with existing air conditioning so you can still be comfortable when you’re working in peace. They are a real life saver for those that need to work on a group project but are unable to find a room to work in.

Suggested Soundproofing Solution

For larger work spaces there is the option of installing movable acoustic walls. These divide larger spaces and reduce the amount of noise that can freely travel around the room. However, when you need to use the room as a large open space the walls can be pushed back.

If you don’t want to divide up the office then you can reduce the noise escaping from each individual desk by installing desk mounted screens. These prevent noise travelling between desks and means the office in general will be quieter as a result.

Any of these products or a combination of these and other products available from JCW Acoustic Supplies can help you restore some much needed peace and productivity in your office.