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Employing Acoustic Supplies To Soundproof Your Home

Noise pollution is one of the things we most hope won’t occur at our property. Yet soundproofing is commonly overlooked when homes are being built or if an owner is thinking of carrying out some form of home improvement work.

When sitting at home hoping for a nice, quiet time in from of the TV, any form of noise pollution whether it be from next door or outdoor traffic, can lead to high stress levels and if it is a continuous thing, it could end up affecting your health.

Soundproofing is a way of insulating against the build up of sound. It is the job of sound proofing to absorb the sound waves to prevent noise or reduce it via blocking or absorbing the sound. There are two main methods of soundproofing, reducing or absorbing the sound.

If you are considering to soundproof your home you need to correctly identify where the sound is emanating from, as identifying it wrongly could prove to be a huge waste of money and time. You need to check all windows, doors, walls and ceilings.

JCW Acoustic Supplies has been working for major house builders since its formation in 1993 and we are best placed to provide the best products and advice when it comes to soundproofing requirements.

Many new homes have insufficient walls and can at times be paper thin, therefore letting in more external noise than older properties. We have solutions for soundproofing walls which can help reduce noise from the next door neighbour to a near squeak. If you live in an apartment and are regularly disturbed by people walking up and down the corridor, then timber built acoustic doors are a perfect resolution.

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide the latest Floor Soundproofing, Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing products, materials, installation and advice for noise reduction in industrial and domestic environments. Find out more – visit: or telephone 01204 548400