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Every Dog Has Its Day When They Soundproof Their Home

Don’t Let Your Neighbours Pets Ruin Your Peace And Quiet

Imagine you are sitting at home craving a little bit of peace and quiet through the day only to be disturbed by incessant barking from the pet dog of a nearby neighbour on a daily basis. A news story reported by This is Lancashire has detailed this exact occurrence after the Staffordshire bull terriers of a man living in Nelson caused local residents a permanent headache.

The two dogs were regularly left unsupervised by the owner despite the complaints of homeowners who advised that they could continuously hear their barks. After being warned on several occasions and failing to rectify the situation, the man involved has been fined £600 and ordered to pay £175 costs plus a victim surcharge of £15 after being found guilty of 19 separate noise nuisance offences.

This only goes to demonstrate to those with little regard for noise of the potential consequences they could face if they fail to put a check on their noise-related activities.

Some People May Not Want To Complain

On the flip side, there will be some people out there who may not want to or have the time to complain to their local authority, preferring to look for some other sort of resolution. If speaking to the person concerned fails to work then you could always try soundproofing your property to try and reduce the amount of noise that filters its way through to your living space.

Our Soundproofing Solutions Can Help!

There are soundproof items available that offer sound insulation and noise insulation so that there are fewer chances of others disturbing you and of you disturbing others. Every area of your property can be targeted so that wherever the noise emanates from you can do something about it.

When installed appropriately and correctly soundproofing will make a substantial difference to your home life and give you less chance of being driven to distraction.

If you would like more information on any of our soundproofing solutions please fill in our contact form or call us.