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Noise Is Becoming A Growing Issue

Our rapidly growing population has led to an explosion in house building in order to accommodate the vast amounts of people who live in the UK. With this comes a problem, most notably the issue of noise as the closer we live to one another, the more likely it is that noise will pass from one home or apartment to the other.

The perfect current example of this is a story reported on several online sites detailing the efforts of a flat owner to record a review of his neighbours attempts to perform karaoke throughout the night.

From 2.23am to 9.10am, Oli Beale was left unable to sleep as his neighbours belted songs including Pinball Wizard by The Who, Walk This Way by Aerosmith, Tiny Dancer by Elton John and Friday I Am In Love by The Cure. His frustration led to him scribbling down notes on each performance and giving them a rating out of 10. He then posted the results on Twitter where it has become a viral sensation.
Excess Noise Can Be Very Damaging

It only goes to demonstrate just how damaging excess noise can be, particularly when you are left on the receiving end of it. In situations such as this you need to speak to the neighbour in question first to speak to them about the problem and ask if they can keep the noise down at unsociable hours as any thoughtful neighbour would. Unfortunately not all neighbours take heed of the warning and continue to go out of their way to give you a headache.

If it gets to this stage you can either go one of two ways. Speak to your local authority about the problem and let them deal with it, or for a less dramatic course of action why not look into soundproofing your property to try and deflect away much of the noise.

There are several noise insulation products on the market which are easy to install and designed to be placed around your home to help prevent any conflict between you and those who live around your home. Doors, floors, walls, ceilings etc. Are all areas that can be targeted and turned into sound barriers so that as little noise as possible can find its way inside your private living area.

Once correctly installed, you can depend upon your soundproof solutions to protect your residence from unwanted noise so that you can tuck yourself in and get much-needed forty winks.